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  • Double-domed home with energy-efficient design
Double-domed home with energy-efficient design
Jan 13, 2023
Double-domed home with energy-efficient design Miami
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Abstract: A dome home in Otterville, Missouri looks like it's from a galaxy far, far away.

Listed at $348,421, this superb double dome design is 2,061 square feet and has five bedrooms and two bathrooms.


It looks like something out of Star Wars, as it is two overlapping domes.


There is a reason for this unusual shape.


This energy efficient home has two unique spaces.


The larger dome has a vestibule, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a large pantry and a huge great room with kitchen, dining and living areas.


The smaller dome has a long hallway, three more bedrooms and a laundry room.


The home was built by R&S Lifeline Domes in 2016.


The property sits on six acres and Barnes suggests that installing solar panels may be a good option for those interested in more off-grid living.


Inside, the house boasts an open floor plan with high ceilings and plenty of windows that let in plenty of light.


The house's energy-efficient design allows it to maintain a consistent temperature and regulate heating and cooling costs.


"I'm the kind of person who puts function over form. So when we built this property, we wanted to create the most functional and durable home possible," says homeowner Michael van der Veende." It's basically like being in a concrete egg. Living in the Midwest, tornadoes are a constant problem."


The exterior of the home includes a unique layer of foam and concrete, Van Devender explained. He likens it to a thermal battery that maintains a stable temperature over time.


Noting how comfortable and well-lit the house is, van de Vende mentions another benefit of its unusual architecture.


In the dome house it is much quieter than where we are now.

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Double-domed home with energy-efficient design