Why do most houses in the U.S. last so long?
Oct 8, 2022
Why do most houses in the U.S. last so long? Miami
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Abstract: Most of the houses in the United States are more than fifty years old, and this cannot be achieved without the regular maintenance and care of successive homeowners.

When you look at houses in the United States, it is rare to find a house that is less than 50 years old. Is the quality of such an old house OK?


Houses in the United States do exist a little longer. Their longevity depends mainly on the following reasons:


  • Wooden structure, sturdy and earthquake resistant, and electrical insulation.

  • Regular maintenance and proper upkeep.


You don't have to worry about the quality when you buy a second home in the US.


According to unofficial data, the average lifespan of a home in the United States is 74 years, and there are indeed many luxury homes that are over 100 years old that are still intact. So you don't have to worry about the age of the house affecting the quality of the house.


And there is a special part of the process of buying a home in the U.S. - the home inspection. Through the home inspection report, you can clearly understand how the quality of the house you want is, where and how it needs to be repaired, etc.


How do I know the quality of a house when I buy a home in the US?


If you buy a new home, make sure it is built to the latest annual housing regulations and passes a quality inspection. The developer will provide a warranty on the new home for about one year.

During this time, you can contact them to make repairs. Usually, you don't need to do anything for the first two years.


If you buy a second home, you will definitely have more problems than if you buy a new home.


As mentioned before, you need a home inspection report to buy a second home. The inspection includes the foundation structure, foundation, roof, floor, walls, windows and doors, electrical system, supply and drainage pipes, heating and cooling equipment, rotten wood and moths.


Among the above items, the more expensive ones are the maintenance of the roof and foundation, which require very experienced people with professional licenses and are more expensive.


Therefore, when buying a second home, be sure to read the home inspection report carefully. If you find problems with the roof and foundation, promptly bargain with the seller's agent.


  • Pay attention to the maintenance of your American home

  • Water Leaks

  • Old roofs

  • Aging sewers

  • Termites and rotten wood

  • Cooling and Heating Equipment

  • Grass area

  • Trees in the yard

  • Pool maintenance updates


The above list is the important items in the maintenance of the house. What you may not understand is what there is to maintain about the "lawn" and "trees in the yard".


In the United States, you can be fined for not mowing your lawn.


On the one hand, lawns are mowed for aesthetic reasons; on the other hand, they are mowed to avoid safety hazards. Grass that is too tall can breed mosquitoes and is prone to fires in the fall and winter, making it a greater risk.


There are usually regulations on the height of the lawn in each area. Once it is exceeded, you will receive a rectification notice from the government. After receiving the notice, you should mow the lawn in time. If you ignore it, you will get a ticket.


As for the trees in the yard, as private property on the owner's private land, the owner is responsible for any problems that arise.


For example, there is a hornet's nest under the eaves. If you don't think it's in your way, you can let it go. But if the hornet stings a neighbor, the neighbor has the right to report it to the city administration.


If it is proven that the hornet's nest does endanger the neighbor's safety, the owner is obligated to pay the fire department to remove it and compensate the neighbor for the damage.

In this way we can understand why there are all kinds of tools in garages and basements in the United States.


Although a lot of house maintenance needs to be done, this will make the house last longer.


A few houses are of poor quality


As mentioned earlier, the vast majority of second homes in the United States are of guaranteed quality, but there are a few homes that are not of sufficient quality.


Some houses that look poor or even uninhabitable will be listed at a lower price than the surrounding properties. Such cases are the few mentioned.


It is well known that home ownership in the United States is freehold. When a home is purchased, the home itself and the land it occupies is privately owned by the owner.


In the above mentioned cases, the focus of the sale is on the land. People who are willing to buy a home also value the land and are willing to take the time to overhaul or renovate the home to create greater value.