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Feb 28, 2023
Paradise house Miami
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Abstract: From 1885 until the early 2000s, a Lutheran church in the Kentucky town of Home served as a backdrop for worship services, weddings and other gatherings.

In 2020, the former church became a home.


"I thought I would stay here forever; That's my plan, "said Jessica Rice, realtor and owner of Midwest Land & Homes. "I like living here."


But personal circumstances prompted her to put the beautiful and unusual space back on the market. The 1,812-square-foot house is listed at $265,000.


From the outside, it looks like a church; But inside, it feels like home.


It's a feeling of pride and joy because I know this is something that many people hold dear and it's a place where they worship and gather and have memories here, giving it ongoing life and purpose rather than letting it be abandoned.


The previous owner bought the church at auction in 2012, then replaced the machinery and restored the structure. It's been used as a business for a few years.


Rayse bought the place after the business closed and she decided to turn it into a home.


"I'm one of those people who doesn't like the cookie-cutter, and I don't mind being different," Mr. Rice said. "I am different. I kept telling my family that I felt like this was my next calling in life - I needed to give that building a new purpose because I couldn't just stand by and see it empty or go to waste."


The result is a three-bedroom, 1.5-bath building she calls a "chhouse" (or church), with lots of upgrades and charm.


"For me, the vision was very simple," said Res, who installed a kitchen in the pulpit area. "I just need to get cabinets and sinks and stuff in."


She also needed plumbing to build the laundry room. She also updated a bathroom, installing a vanity and shower. The master bedroom is in the church, which was expanded in 1969.


The house also has a basement, an important feature in tornado-prone Kansas.


Les recently bought a new detached garage for about $55,000.


"I had no intention of selling, so no expense was spared because it was built for me and what I wanted," she said.

There was still a clock in the building's bell tower, but it had fallen silent.


"When the current owners demolished [the church], there were some structural integrity issues due to corruption and things that needed to be maintained or updated," Ries explains. So she had the clock hoisted by crane to where it is now, so you could see it as you drove by. When they pull it up, they have to make it secure to the iron beam."


Rice, who grew up in the area, said the church is an important part of the unincorporated town of about 100 people. She was sad to sell it, she said, but optimistic that the unusual house would find an owner who loved it as much as she did.


"All the ceilings in the main area are original from 1885 and are very beautiful and full of character," Mr. Ries said. "You can't buy anything like that today. I pray that the next person who calls this place their own will appreciate its uniqueness."

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Paradise house