People who migrated last year
Jan 4, 2023
People who migrated last year Miami
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Abstract: Americans pack up their belongings and head to cheaper destinations.

According to statistics released by three national moving companies, the top locations for moving across state lines in 2022 are the sunny South and more rural, Northeastern states where the cost of living is more affordable.


Popular national moving destinations include Florida, the Carolinas and some of the coldest northeastern states.


U-Haul, Atlas Van Lines and United Van Lines all released reports on Tuesday detailing the states where the most people will be moving in and out in 2022.


People are moving from the colder Northeastern and Midwestern states to the warmer Southern and Western states. This trend, which has been going on for 30 years, appears to have accelerated during COVID.


Residents of the Midwestern and Northeastern states tend to be slightly older, so many are considering where to retire.


The northeastern states are seeing new residents as those who can work remotely or are retiring are looking for less populated areas with more outdoor activities, lower house prices and a lower cost of living, but still a few hours drive from the big cities.


These areas of the Northeast are becoming increasingly attractive and many people in Manhattan are moving to these areas.


While the preferred destinations of movers varied depending on who conducted the study, the destinations people left did not vary as much.


Illinois and New York ranked in the top five of all movers. Both states are colder and have a high cost of living, and Illinois has the heaviest tax burden in the country.


According to the U-Haul study and a report by Atlas Van Lines, fewer people will move in 2022 than in 2021 as the pandemic begins to wane. The number of people moving because they can work remotely is down slightly.


According to United Van Lines' 46th annual National Movers Study, Generation X and baby boomer seniors are most likely to relocate. More than half of those who booked a move through United Van Lines were over the age of 55.


They are often moving to less populated areas due to career changes, retirement or a desire to be closer to family. Younger millennials, on the other hand, are more likely to head to larger cities.


Americans are moving from expensive cities to less dense, more affordable areas.