What is final walkthrough?
Oct 20, 2022
What is final walkthrough? Miami
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Abstract: The U.S. policy for the contract to be effective is divided into two requirements: one is the requirement that the money be in the account, and the other is the requirement that you sign.So even if the money is remitted in time, the money is only in the title company and not yet in the other party's account.Only if you sign the contract, the seller will get the corresponding payment.

The final walkthrough is the final check between remittance and signature.


Generally will remit money three working days in advance, and then do the final walkthrough, and then sign after all this is in place.


Here it is actually checking the implementation of the modification agreement again according to the modification agreement made after the previous viewing.


The main directions are as follows.


Whether the parts that were not repaired at that time and promised to be repaired are completed.


Check if there is any other damage to the house.


If the house has been moved out, check whether the sanitary condition of the house is up to standard.


If there are no problems with the above three points after inspection, you can basically sign.


If there are still some substandard areas, you can suspend the contract and ask the owner to complete the above requirements before the final walkthrough, otherwise you can choose not to sign the final walkthrough.


When the FINAL WALKTHROUGH is completed, you can make an appointment to do the closing.


Generally, the buyer and seller do not meet during the closing process. The buyer signs the contract first and the seller then signs the contract, but the interval will not be long, about an hour or so.


Notes on signing a loan to purchase a home.




When you buy a house with a loan and cannot go to the site to sign in person, you need to apply for a POA in advance to indicate that you cannot go to the site to sign in person and delegate someone else to sign the closing.


However, this POA requires you to apply to your U.S. Embassy in China about one month prior to the transfer.


The general fee is 300 RMB or more, and you also need to make an appointment to wait in line, which is a troublesome procedure.


So in order not to delay your purchase advice, prepare well in advance.


American locals


If you can't sign the loan to buy a house in person, you can consult title, they will designate a person to sign at the place you specify, the cost is usually in the range of 100-150 USD.


There are precautions needed to sign for a fully paid home purchase.




In the U.S., when buying a home with full payment, you do not need to be there in person on the day of closing.


Simply print, sign, and scan the transfer contract and send it by mail to the title company with your passport.


However, some title companies may require an original signature, which needs to be mailed to the title company by courier.


Local American


If you are not comfortable signing the loan to buy a home in person, you will need to pay an additional $150-$300.


title will assign your local notary to sign at the place you set up and mail the original to the title company with ID and SSN.


How do I specifically inquire about DEED?


Actually, the so-called title transfer in a sale is when the owner of the home signs a document called a grant deed.


In California, to prevent the risk of multiple sales by the original owner, the homeowner needs to sign the grant deed and take the grant deed to the county recorder's office for registration.


Since the documents required by the county recorder's office must be notarized first, the signed grant deed needs to be notarized, and then Escrow is responsible for requesting the title insurance company to bring the grant deed and notarized documents to the recorder's office for registration.


How do I check the DEED?


If you still feel unsure about the property after the transfer and want to check if the property is really in your name, there are two ways to do so.


You can take the grant deed and go directly to the county recorder's office to pay the fee to check, but these tasks are usually given to the title company and you will not check it yourself.


You can check on the website of the county tax office, which is the most common method.


Enter the address of the house on the tax website and you can see who owns the house, and this information is publicly available.