A dome house appears in Miami
Mar 2, 2023
A dome house appears in Miami Miami
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Abstract: This was supposed to be the future of architecture in Florida. Instead, a multi-faceted dome house is a rare find in Miami.

The 6,045-square-foot home officially went on the market at the beginning of February for $1.85 million, after multiple offers had been made. According to Realtor.com®, it is now awaiting sale.


The curved building on a half-acre lot is a design marvel.


"From the outside, it has a very small footprint. When you walk up to the house, you're obviously drawn to the dome and the shape of the house, but it's not until you walk inside that you really experience the enormity of it," says Avi Werde, listing agent for Compass.


Inside, he continues, "you are struck by its size and height".


The seller is the original owner of the home, which was built in 1985 and, Werde says, was inspired by the American pavilion at Expo '67, now known as the Montreal Biosphere, designed by dome designer Buckminster Fuller.


"The polyhedral shape was considered the future because it was supposed to be able to withstand the elements better than the traditional houses in South Florida at the time," Werde explains." It was supposed to take off as an engineering marvel and function well in extreme weather conditions, but it didn't.


The five-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom house features original 1980s décor, including colourful carpets, vintage bathrooms and a red and white kitchen.


"You have to put yourself in the mindset of the futuristic design that came with the 1980s," says Werde." It all works and can be lived in as is."


The home has three floors, with the entrance located on a raised mezzanine.


"When you walk in, the shape of the spherical dome hits you. It's incredible," says Werde." There are several hexagonal skylights throughout the dome. Wherever you go, you get amazing natural light from everywhere."


The living space and master bedroom are on this level.


"Everything is circular," he explains, "so when you walk in, you walk into a foyer that greets you and then into the formal living room." Inside, everything is basically modular in shape. The kitchen is in the middle and can be accessed from everywhere."


The third level is a loft space that comes down a spiral staircase from the master bedroom and is not included in the formal area of the house.


"It could be an additional lounge space, art space, library space, etc. The uses for this space are really endless," says Werde." When you're up there, you feel like you're in a tree house. You're so high up and you have skylights above you."

Another four bedrooms and more amenities can be found on the lower level.


"There's a huge relaxation space and another room with an indoor pool and access to the sauna," says Werde." There is also a studio and a darkroom for developing photographs."

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